Liberalism and Memorylessness

  • the goodness of memoryless justice
  • liberalism
    • no arbitrary decisions -- rule of law
    • no birthright -- equal protection under the law
    • statute of limitations
  • re historical tweet/behavior cancelling

The Goodness of Memoryless Justice

Society plays a role for all of us in learning to become more virtuous humans. Each interaction shows us the highs of compassion, the complications of lying, or the emptiness of selfishness. A good society is a society that helps its members to become good. Society can do this by encouraging good behaviors and discouraging bad behaviors. However, not all encouragement is equally effacacious.

Have you ever had a friend or been in a relationship with someone who would constantly rehash old wounds in new fights? Maybe they thought you were careless or insensitive this morning, and when you show that you weren't, some black mark from your past is dredged up and paraded around in front of you. The discouragement you getting from that person would be relatively ineffective for several reasons:

  • you are in a different frame of mind; you can't actually weight the negatives against whatever positives you saw
  • you have changed as a person -- it feels like getting punished for something someone else did
  • the discouragement no longer feels like it's actually caused by your behavior -- it feels like your friend or partner is just looking for an excuse, and would be mad anyway

The more consequences can occur as soon as possible, the less a